Angolan free-tailed bat (Mops condylurus)

Identification pointers

To the untrained eye they closely resemble the Little free-tailed bat with dark charcoal-coloured fur above and a pale white or cream below which may extend more towards the chin than in the Little free-tailed bat. This species is larger in size, however, and the mouth is broader. Also, when in flight the wing membranes may appear lighter in colour. They have wrinkly lips and forwardly ears. Forearm length is between 43-49 mm and their mass may vary from 16-28 g.

Roosting habits

Crevices in rocks and many other crevice-like spaces, but very commonly they are found in high numbers in the roofs of houses or buildings, sharing their roost with the Little free-tailed bat. Large roost aggregations have a musky smell and squeaky sound may be audible throughout most of the day in roosts, but they become exceptionally restless before dusk.


Two single young are born per year between September and early May.


They are fast flyers and probably feed on beetles due to their powerful jaws 10; plant-sucking bugs are also a probable part of their diet.

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Karen Stander
Our box have a spotted eagle owl! We stay on a smallholding in the Chancliff area, Krugersdorp and discovered that our recently serviced owl box, has a long awaited inhabitant! So glad and thankful to have the privilege of sharing our piece of nature with hopefully a breading pair soon! Have to tell you the bats are also happily occupying their box!

Cheryl Siewierski
Brilliant service from hugely knowledgeable installers at our home in Harties this morning. We are thrilled with our new bat and owl boxes and sure the residents of these will be too! Excellent to know that EcoSolutions also monitors numbers and patterns of the owls in perpetuity. Thank you!

Beryl Scott-Payet
Fantastic, thanks to all at Eco Solutions for your support and help with Strix (our injured owl) and the installations of the boxes and houses at Steyn City.


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