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EcoSolutions has been involved in urban ecological planning and urban ecology for the last 15 years. We consult to municipalities, corporations and the public on areas relating to integrated pest management and environmentally responsible land management.

EcoSolutions also runs the Owl Box Project, the only project of its kind in Africa and the largest in the world.

  • No Decapitated Owl Found In Alex

    No Decapitated Owl Found In Alex

    Jonathan Haw's interview with ANN7 clarifying the fact that there was NO decapitated owl found in Alexandra in October 2014.

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  • Video: Township Owl Box Project - 50/50 Footage

    Video: Township Owl Box Project - 50/50 Footage

    The EcoSolutions Township Owl Project has been running since 1998 and to date 83000 children have been directly involved. The aim of the project is simple.. to create owl friendly children and owl friendly environments.

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  • Preservationists build new nests in Perryville to persuade owls to move in

    Preservationists build new nests in Perryville to persuade owls to move in

    Preservationists recently built some new, safer quarters for the barn owl population at the Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site here. The only problem is persuading the shy birds to move in.

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Jul 02, 2016 LIFE Jo'burg's wise residents Owls: We do give a hoot Link to full article...
Jun 27, 2016 Winter solstice: A big day for Spotted Eagle Owls For us its just another cold day, perhaps the coldest. We see our sun for less hours than at any other time of the year. Its depressing. We might think that everyone must feel the same way, owls however, don't... Read full article...
Mar 18, 2016 5 Tips for a rodent-free winter Rodent numbers always seem higher with the approach of winter. The reason for this is that rats have depleted their summer bounty and are now looking for food within households, warehouses and office parks. In addition to the search for food, the colder weather often lure rats into roofs and storerooms in search of warmth. Read full article...
Jan 26, 2016 Rat poison sales soar in Nigeria Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) - Sales of rat poison have taken off in Nigeria following an outbreak of Lassa fever that has left at least 76 people dead and sparked fears of contagion across the country. Link to full article...
Nov 20, 2015 Wildlife advocacy group working to rid state of rat poisons Rodenticides are killing and harming wildlife, eliminating the very creatures that help keep rodent populations in check. Link to full article...
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