About bats

Bats are fast and agile animals with an insatiable hunger for insects, and can consume hundreds of bugs and mosquitoes in a single night. Perhaps it’s the unknown and secret world of these amazing animals that make people uneasy; and it is this lack of knowledge that perpetuates imaginative myths, negative perceptions and makes them feared, hated and eradicated.

The effect of insect pests on crops is a major problem in agriculture., an estimated 13 per cent of the potential world crop yield is annually lost to pests, with insects being the main culprits. De Hoop Guano Cave in the Cape Province of South Africa is home to the largest aggregation of bats in South Africa, with a calculated 300 000 bats roosting there. This colony consumes an estimated 100 tons of insects annually, making an invaluable contribution to the pest control on farms in the Bredasdorp area. Similar examples are found in other parts of the world, like that of the Brazilian free-tailed bat that preys on Corn earworm moths (Helicoverpa zea).

Bat boxes

Bat boxes (or bat houses) are a cost-effective initiative that increases the likelihood of attracting bats to your property and thereby decreasing the number of insects in your area. Urban residents, lodge or recreational venue owners and farmers, can all benefit greatly from having inhabited bat houses on their properties. It is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way of helping to keep insect populations under control as opposed to the continual use of poisonous chemicals that, apart from being illegal, do not provide an effective long-term solution. If bats living in the roof of a house are poisoned and die, new bats will simply take their place, and therefore it is preferable rather to bat-proof the roof and provide alternative housing for the bats.

EcoSolutions can also deal with bat problems in roofs of houses and buildings by excluding the bats and then offering them an alternative home in the form of a bat house. We have a wealth of knowledge in the supply and installation of bat houses and are committed to the continuous design improvement to the success and cost-effectiveness of these bat houses. 

In addition, nature lovers might enjoy the spectacle of watching bats emerge from a bat house, swooping around them to catch insects with unmatched agility.

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