Owl Box Service

The most important component in an owl box is not it's design, it's colour or even it's location. It is the pea gravel substrate within the box. This substrate allows owls to form a ''cup'' in which to lay their eggs and raise their young. Without it, the box is not an owl box - it will not be used by owls and is really just a box high up in your tree.

Why does my owl box need to be serviced annually and the substrate replaced?  Owl boxes are designed to replicate a cavity in a tree. Although Johannesburg is well treed, the majority of the trees are alive and unlike dead trees, do not have natural cavities. As a result, your owl box will attract the attention and fill the requirements for many cavity breeding and roosting residents. It is fine for squirrels, Egyptian geese, Genets and other birds to use it out of season. However, these usurpers bring sticks, paper, litter and all sorts of things into the box. Unless these are removed, owls will not utilise your owl box to breed in. Once a year, prior to the owl breeding season, EcoSolutions undertakes to clean out the box and replace the substrate necessary for owl occupation. In addition, your annual service allows us to check that the box is still firmly attached, provide it with a new coat of varnish and make sure that the bee proofing is still intact. Additionally, the service component allows us to seamlessly introduce improved designs, greater expertise and understanding into our programme. If our data reveals that a specific orientation is optimum for successful occupancy, we will implement this during your annual service. 

While we are servicing your owl box we are also available to check and replace Barbet nesting logs, install bat houses and provide specialised bird food. 

The cost for the servicing of your box is R690.00. To book your owl box service, click here.

At EcoSolutions, our data is indicating that if you do not commit to the annual management and service of your owl box, you should perhaps carefully consider the purchase of one. 


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