Products & Services

Owl boxes

We manufacture, install and manage owl boxes for both the Spotted Eagle Owl (Bubo africanus) and the Barn Owl (Tyto alba). EcoSolutions owl boxes are used in both urban and agricultural pest management programmes. With over 150 occupied owl boxes nationally, we are the experts in this field.

Bat Boxes

Bat boxes are a great way to provide housing for our other winged friends. These boxes are either installed against the wall under your eaves or mounted on a gum pole in your garden.

Barbet Nesting Logs

Made from 100% sisal (agave sisalana), our barbet nesting logs offer barbets the perfect garden residence. Both adults excavate the hole in the nesting log, creating an entrance tunnel and an enlarged nesting chamber, which they do so very swiftly!

Garden bird booster

This specialised feed is designed to meet the requirements of garden birds as they head into winter and natural food supplies diminish.

Annual Services

The accurate and detailed monitoring of any box is important. The servicing of the owl and bat boxes provides the means by which this can be achieved.

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