Rocket Bat Boxes: the perfect gift this Christmas! 

Rocket bat boxes are free-standing boxes that are attached on a gum pole and installed on the ground. These bat boxes are great for home gardens and make for the perfect gift for nature lovers this Christmas!

Get it as a gift voucher by simply emailing or order yours from our online shop.

Have a Merry Christmas! 


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EcoSolutions specialises in integrated pest management (IPM). Our professional staff and our expertise are focused on all areas of non-toxic, effective and sustainable pest control.

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Alberta adds two bat species to province's list of endangered animals.

Alberta Environment and Parks has added two bat species to the province's list of endangered animals. Northern myotis and little brown myotis are now listed as endangered.
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Barn owl population on the rise in Wisconsin.

A nest of rare barn owls was found in western Wisconsin after a two-decade hiatus. The new discovery of the barn owl family in a nest was the first in 22 years despite an uptick in unconfirmed sightings in the southern part of the state.
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DNR research reveals bats’ nighttime secrets

"Remote technology is helping DNR bat biologists solve some of the mysteries of where bats roost in the summer and what factors may affect their survival from white-nose syndrome, a deadly disease of bats. The technology automatically records when bats enter and leave a site instead of having bat biologists on site looking for numbered bands like the one shown on this little brown bat."
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