Owls & Owl Boxes

Join the Owl Box Project

EcoSolutions is responsible for the installation and the running of the Urban Owl Box Project. The owl box installation generally takes between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on whether the installation is done in a tree or on a gum pole.

Owls in agriculture

Barn Owls (Tyto alba): a natural ally in the control and management of rodents.

Owl Box Service

The most important component in an owl box is not it's design, it's colour or even it's location. It is the pea gravel substrate within the box. This substrate allows owls to form a ''cup'' in which to lay their eggs and raise their young. Without it, the box is not an owl box - it will not be used by owls and is really just a box high up in your tree.

Owl Box Occupancy

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from prospective and excited clients regarding their new owl box is “How long before we have owls?” 15 years along and this is still a question that we are unable to answer. What we can tell you is based on the 150 plus EcoSolutions owl boxes that are serviced and occupied nationally.

Owl Box Location

It would be fitting if our data showed a preference by owls for indigenous trees in which to breed. It doesn’t. Pine trees, gum trees, plain trees, oak trees, syringa trees etc. are all suitable for owl box installation. As are many indigenous trees. We have occupied owl boxes in trees, on gum poles and on buildings.

Owl Box Orientation

The correct orientation of an owl box is always a topic for discussion. It has been said that the box must face south, north, east or west from an “authority” on the topic.

About Owls

Owls are both fascinating and beautiful animals. Their presence in your garden offers hours of intriguing viewing, Furthermore, they provide an efficient means of pest control. The two most common species in Gauteng are the Barn Owl and the Spotted-eagle Owl.

Owl Ring Recoveries

Ring recoveries are an essential component in the EcoSolutions Owl Box Project and owl rehabilitation. Young owlets who fledge from our owl boxes are destined to go on and become "owl box breeding owls".

Still Empty?

Sadly, sometimes even the perfect box in the perfect location goes unoccupied. That's is just the nature of nature. However, there are a few requirements that people often overlook that are essential for maximizing owl box occupancy.

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