Join the Owl Box Project

Welcome to EcoSolutions, where we specialise in the manufacturing, installation, and management of owl boxes designed for both the Spotted Eagle Owl (Bubo africanus) and the Barn Owl (Tyto alba). Our owl boxes play a vital role in urban and agricultural pest management programs. With a track record of over 150 occupied owl boxes across the nation, we take pride in being the experts in this field. Join us in fostering a sustainable and natural approach to pest control, and let's make a positive impact together.

At EcoSolutions, we believe in bringing joy and amazement to our participating members and their families through our occupied owl boxes. We understand the disappointment that unoccupied owl boxes may bring, and that's why we're dedicated to collecting valuable data from all our owl boxes. By analysing factors such as height, orientation, design, placement, and maintenance, we're committed to developing a blueprint that maximises the potential occupancy of your owl box.

With over 150 occupied EcoSolutions owl boxes in our database, we've honed a recipe to ensure that your owl box is always a potentially viable owl nest. Join us in creating moments of wonder and contribute to the success of our owl box community!

Before placing your order, we want to emphasise the importance of commitment to the annual service for your owl house. If you find yourself unable to make this commitment, it may be worthwhile to reconsider installing an owl house. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of the owls and the success of our program, and your dedication to the annual service plays a crucial role in achieving that. Thank you for considering the responsibility that comes with hosting these magnificent birds in your owl house.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the optimal conditions for cavity-breeding residents, your owl box requires an annual service. Designed to replicate a natural tree cavity, the box may attract various visitors such as squirrels, Egyptian geese, Genets, and other birds out of season. While these visitors may bring in sticks, paper, and litter, it's essential to remove these materials to encourage owl breeding.

Prior to the owl breeding season, our annual service involves a complete check and the replacement of the substrate. This process not only removes unwanted debris but also allows us to verify the box's secure attachment, apply a fresh coat of varnish, and ensure the integrity of bee-proofing measures. Although your owl box is biodegradable, our annual service prevents it from slowly deteriorating in the tree. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a welcoming and safe environment for our feathered friends.

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