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Sadly, sometimes even the perfect box in the perfect location goes unoccupied. That's is just the nature of nature. However, there are a few requirements that people often overlook that are essential for maximizing owl box occupancy.

Things you should know:

• In pristine environments, Spotted Eagle owls (Bubo africanus) breed on the ground. They usually find a small rocky outcrop on which to lay their eggs. The small stones allow them to create a cup in which the owlets are raised.

• In urban environments, due to lawnmowers, dogs and people, the ground is often not a safe place to breed. It is for this reason that our owl boxes work.

However: The inside of the owl box still needs to replicate the ground-nesting requirements of the Spotted Eagle Owl. This is why the gravel substrate is imperative for occupancy.

What is my “owl” box? There are very few old DEAD trees in urban environments; the owl box is designed to replicate a tree cavity. To you it is an owl box, to all other species, it is just a tree cavity which is available for breeding. Throughout the year, all sorts of species may use your box in which to raise and fledge their young. Good! Many of these species will bring sticks and leaves and grass with which to line their nests. This will cover the gravel substrate required by the owls, rendering the box unsuitable for owl occupancy. This is why we service your owl box.

Your owl box may look in perfect condition from your veranda but to potential owl visitors, it looks like this - Unusable:




It should look like this - usable:




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