Bat Boxes

Bat boxes are a great way to provide housing for our other winged friends. These boxes are slim and unobtrusive and are installed by us against the side of your house.

Boxes come in various sizes and vary from the slim line (home for up to 100 bats), installed against the side of your house, to the bat hotel (home for up to 300 bats), which is generally installed on a gum pole.

Bats are super little critters and often wrongly vilified: they keep the mosquito population nicely under control and complement your garden wildlife perfectly. They are unobtrusive and not harmful to you or your domestic pets and, contrary to popular belief, have no interest in getting entangled in your hair.

Encouraging bats is also the very best way of getting rid of those pesky mozzies! A single bat house may become home to 100 or so bats, which will consume up to 60,000 insects a night.

Bats are a sort of ‘bug police’: they fly around and catch insects using a process called echolocation to find their insect meals. They make high-pitched sounds that bounce off objects and return to the bat as echoes. Bats in flight can distinguish the difference in sound between a tree, your head, and a mosquito! They reduce pests naturally, reducing the need for pesticide usage and thereby helping to make our water and earth cleaner.

About 70 percent of all bats eat insects: flies, mosquitoes, beetles, and cockroaches. Bats are also responsible for pollinating trees, flowers, and cacti. They spread seeds so plants grow in new areas. Bats pollinate avocados, bananas, breadfruit, dates, figs, mangoes, and peaches. These remarkable mammals live in sophisticated colonies and each can eat half its weight in insects a night, so they are great at controlling large numbers of pests that harm crops and spread disease. Certain microorganisms found in bat droppings may have important medical uses for humans!

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Slimline Bat Box                   Mosaic Bat Box                Bat Hotel On Gum Pole



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Karen Stander
Our box have a spotted eagle owl! We stay on a smallholding in the Chancliff area, Krugersdorp and discovered that our recently serviced owl box, has a long awaited inhabitant! So glad and thankful to have the privilege of sharing our piece of nature with hopefully a breading pair soon! Have to tell you the bats are also happily occupying their box!

Cheryl Siewierski
Brilliant service from hugely knowledgeable installers at our home in Harties this morning. We are thrilled with our new bat and owl boxes and sure the residents of these will be too! Excellent to know that EcoSolutions also monitors numbers and patterns of the owls in perpetuity. Thank you!

Beryl Scott-Payet
Fantastic, thanks to all at Eco Solutions for your support and help with Strix (our injured owl) and the installations of the boxes and houses at Steyn City.


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