Boskruin Welcomes a Spotted Eagle Owlet

On a wonderful afternoon, with another potential thunderstorm fading away, the team from EcoSolutions met with the residents of Kruinkloof Mature Lifestyle Estate for a very special occasion.

Kruinkloof Estate in Boskruin have had Spotted Eagle Owls (Bubo africanus) in the area and roosting on their roofs for many years. Last year October, the estate decided to invest in the EcoSolutions Owl Box Project... and it was definitely worth their while.

This year, the local pair of owls bred in the owl box and in September, the estate residents noticed a new feathered friend on their estate - a beautiful Spotted Eagle Owlet.

The EcoSolutions team met with the residents of the estate to place a SAFring on the owlet. The owlet was carefully removed from the owl box under the watchful eyes of its parents and the excited residents. The owlet was held by one of the homeowners while Hussein Moyo of EcoSolutions placed the SAFring on the owlet's leg. The owlet was then safely put back in the owl box.

Residents of Boskruin, please welcome the newest resident to your area, Spotted Eagle Owlet 890075.


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At EcoSolutions, SAFrings are placed on all owls that are encountered as a way to identify them should they ever be found again. The data received from SAFring recoveries is invaluable and fascinating.

The data allocated to each ring number includes the date of the ringing, the GPRS coordinates, the species, the age and condition of the bird. This data is archived by the Avian Department at the University of Cape Town.

Click here to see our ring recoveries.

The information retrieved from the ring recoveries is vital to improving our understanding of owl dispersal and fledging distance allowing us to improve our conservation efforts.

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