Fun Owl Facts for Christmas









EcoSolutions has been ringing owlets around the clock this breeding season!

Click here for the full story and find out why placing rings on owlets is so important to conservation.

Barn Owls (Tyto alba) can have a clutch of 4 to 15 owlets. That is a

lot of hungry mouths to feed.

Click here to find out who the female owl feeds first.

An old wives tale which we often 

hear is that a parent owl won't accept their owlet after it has been handled.

Click here to find out why this is just untrue.

For the second time, the Wildnis Durrenstein in Austria visited in South Africa and shared their stories online. 
Click here for the full article.

If you missed our jam-packed November newsletter - fear not.

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Lastly, our Christmas shop is full of eco-goodies just waiting to be delivered to your family, friends and colleagues. 

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