Look HOO's hooting!

The EcoSolutions October 2019 Newsletter is filled with occupied owl boxes and ringing owlets. Have your owl box serviced and ready for the female owls to breed in.
''Spring has returned again. The earth is like a child who knows many, oh so many poems by heart.''
— Rainer Maria Rilke.

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year - flowers blooming, birds singing and of course ... baby owls!

Our teams are in full swing placing SAFrings on owlets in EcoSolutions occupied owl boxes with homeowners across Gauteng! We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest feathered residents of the EcoSolutions Owl Box Project.

Jukskei Park welcomes Spotted Eagle Owlets (Bubo africanus890084 and 890085, Benoni welcomes Spotted Eagle Owlets 890079 and 890080, Boskruin welcomes Spotted Eagle Owlet 890075, Greymont welcomes Spotted Eagle Owlets 900081, 900082 and 900083 and Sandhurst welcomes Barn Owlets (Tyto albaK52471, K52472, K52473 and K52474!


We are in the middle of Spotted Eagle Owl breeding season and it is not too late to have your owl box serviced if you haven't already done so.

There is a direct correlation between the annual service and owl box occupancy. Without the service and maintenance once a year, your owl box is no longer an owl box, it is just a box high up in a tree.

To arrange your owl box service, click here.

Alternatively, you are welcome to reply to this newsletter.

Every year, the number of our occupied owl boxes grows. This is due to a phenomenon called ''Natal Recognition''. Young owls, once fledged and ready to breed, will attempt to replicate the site in which they were successfully reared. Owls that have been bred and raised in owl boxes will go on to become ''owl box breeding owls''. Through service and maintenance, we are creating a network of viable breeding sites for owls in Southern Africa. 

While you are on our online store, feel free to browse through for our other eco-products here.

With spring around us, bats are out of hibernation and frenetically eating insects! If you are keen to provide bats with a bat-friendly place to roost and to breed - place your bat box order here.

To all of our owl box participants, we love your involvement in this project and we hope that these success stories are as uplifting for you as they are for us.



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