Our Owl Cam is Live!

We are delighted to share our Verreaux Eagle Owl Cam with you!

A few years ago, we put a tyre at the top of a tree in Mziki Game reserve in the Northwest and filled it with sticks. In June, a friend who lives three sent us a picture of the female Verreaux Eagle Owl (Bubo lacteus) in the nest. Last week we installed an Owl Cam! It was wonderful to watch the owlet hatch on Saturday evening, 25th July.


The next 60 days are going to be very exciting! We will see the owlet grow from a white ball of fluff to a fully fledged juvile Verreaux Eagle Owl. Please share any sightings you see with us. You can help us gain valuable insight into this amazing owl.


The Owl Cam is streaming live on our homepage (www.ecosolutions.co.za) where you can share your sightings and screenshots.



To date, we have seen nyala, impala and elephants moving beneath the nest tree and we have identified Crested guineafowl, Crested fracolin and Black-headed oriole as prey items.


Our Owlproject.org school children are getting invloved too. Kids will be watching the webcam around the clock in 30min sessions and feeding all of us with significant information about these magnificent owls. If you would like to sign up as an Verraeux Eagle Owl Nest Monitor, please drop us a mail at info@ecosolutions.co.za.

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Karen Stander
Our box have a spotted eagle owl! We stay on a smallholding in the Chancliff area, Krugersdorp and discovered that our recently serviced owl box, has a long awaited inhabitant! So glad and thankful to have the privilege of sharing our piece of nature with hopefully a breading pair soon! Have to tell you the bats are also happily occupying their box!

Cheryl Siewierski
Brilliant service from hugely knowledgeable installers at our home in Harties this morning. We are thrilled with our new bat and owl boxes and sure the residents of these will be too! Excellent to know that EcoSolutions also monitors numbers and patterns of the owls in perpetuity. Thank you!

Beryl Scott-Payet
Fantastic, thanks to all at Eco Solutions for your support and help with Strix (our injured owl) and the installations of the boxes and houses at Steyn City.


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