Three Spotted Eagle Owlets in Waterkloof!

It is important to ensure your owl boxes are serviced every year before the owl breeding season. This is to ensure that the box in your tree is an owl box suitable for the female owl to lay her eggs and raise her young.
These beautiful pictures were sent to us from one of our owl box clients in Pretoria. We regularly receive mail and calls from despondent owl box owners who have waited years for owls without success. Very often they have purchased owl boxes from nurseries, from owl organisations or they have had one made by a well-meaning friend. The unfortunate truth is that many of these owl boxes have no possibility for owl occupation. They are not owl boxes at all. They are in reality, just a box in a tree.
EcoSolutions Urban Ecology visits estates and golf courses who have installed owl boxes that have zero potential of ever being an owl home. We can't guarantee that if you put up an EcoSolutions Urban Ecology owl box you will experience the joy of owls in your garden. However, with over 100 occupied owl boxes in Gauteng alone, we can guarantee that the owl box in your tree maximises every potential for owls and is a viable owl breeding site. We can also guarantee that its annual service and maintenance ensures that it remains so.
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If you have friends or you live in an estate with unoccupied owl boxes, please share this post and suggest that they connect with us. 

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