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Spring Newsletter 2016
14 Oct, 2016

'It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems" Rainer Maria Rilke

Winter solstice: A big day for Spotted Eagle Owls
27 Jun, 2016

For us its just another cold day, perhaps the coldest. We see our sun for less hours than at any other time of the year. Its depressing. We might think that everyone must feel the same way, owls however, don't...

5 Tips for a rodent-free winter
18 Mar, 2016

Rodent numbers always seem higher with the approach of winter. The reason for this is that rats have depleted their summer bounty and are now looking for food within households, warehouses and office parks. In addition to the search for food, the colder weather often lure rats into roofs and storerooms in search of warmth.

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