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Owls Online 2021

I can't believe that it is nearing the end of June and this is the first official newsletter of the year. 2021 is definitely flying by!

A hoot and a cheer for 2020!

Our final newsletter for 2020 touches on our wonderful success in the Owl Box Project, our new stand at Lifestyle Garden Centre as well as our revamped website, our Christmas shopping catalogue and an invite to a talk by Jonathan Haw in collaboration with the International Owl Center in USA

Owls and Education: Presentation

Jonathan Haw, director of EcoSolutions and founder of is giving an online talk for the International Owl Center in Houston, USA on Sunday, 20th December at 21h00. Sign up and share!

Three Spotted Eagle Owlets in Waterkloof!

It is important to ensure your owl boxes are serviced every year before the owl breeding season. This is to ensure that the box in your tree is an owl box suitable for the female owl to lay her eggs and raise her young.

A ring ceremony - you're invited.

A lot of our members and followers are watching and enjoying the Verreaux's Eagle Owlet (Bubo lacteus) on the EcoSolutions Owl Cam. It is all really exciting at the moment as the owlet is often alone on the nest and is growing rapidly. On Monday, 21st September, we are placing a ring on the Verreaux's Eagle Owlet. Join us on Facebook live.

Presentation on Owls and Bats

It seems that webinars, talks and classes online are the new norm. Jonathan Haw was invited to give a presentation by Green Renaissance and Whale Coast Conservation on the conservation of bats and owls in Southern Africa in July 2020. Feel free to watch the presentation on Facebook - link in the article.

Our Owl Cam is Live!

We are delighted to share our Verreaux Eagle Owl Cam! A few years ago, we put a tyre in tree in Mziki Game reserve in the Northwest and filled it with sticks. In June, a friend who lives there sent us a picture of the female Verreaux Eagle Owl (Bubo lacteus) in the nest. Last week we installed an Owl Cam! It was wonderful to watch the owlet hatch on Saturday, 25th July 2020.

Our newsletter - July 2020

No mention of COVID-19 or Lockdown! Our stories: As hungry as a bat ... Winter - baby-making weather for Bubo africanus ... Rats! Don't reach for poison ... Owls breeding in a chimney - no need for ''rescue''! ... SPCA.

Look HOO's hooting!

The EcoSolutions October 2019 Newsletter is filled with occupied owl boxes and ringing owlets. Have your owl box serviced and ready for the female owls to breed in.

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